President's Message

Dear Students:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the American University's program. American University for Leaders is a dynamic institution providing the flexible types of study required for today's world. This it achieves while retaining the highest academic standards. AUL places its emphasis on the individual and his or her requirements. Education in the world today has taken a turn for the better. More and more people are realizing that education paves the way for a better life, offering a helping hand to those who need it. Knowledge breaks down all barriers of color, creed and belief. Have you an educational need, either for a first, masters or doctorate degree? AUL opens the route to you. You may become a full-time (resident) student or alternatively follow a part-time program while earning a living with another pursuit. There is an opportunity for you to join as an external (non-resident) student, where the distance learning center will cater for your needs with a supervised study and research program which you can pursue at your own pace and in your country of residence. At AUL, the system is American in origin, but the curriculum reflects the interests of students from all parts of the world. London is the cross -roads of the world and offers a wide European perspective for students from the developing world. Such students, in particular, are given a warm welcome and much support by American University for Leaders. "Richness in diversity" might well be a slogan to describe the range of programs and opportunities. A course taken from this University should be thought of as a lifetime investment, since the information within these outstanding courses will inform your whole life. We trust that the result of your inquiry will result in joining the ever growing list of those who have proudly graduated from AUL. Many alumni are in well-paid professions, receiving recognition for their achievements in their working and social life. Enrol with American University for Leaders I am confident that you will not be disappointed.

Hussein Alzubaidi, PhD