Entrance Requirements

Graduate Programs:

Applicants who wish to be considered for graduate studies should normally posses an appropriate honours degree from an American or British University, or an equivalent qualification approved by the AUL. Applicants who do not have these qualifications may be required to take a preparatory course of study before being admitted to their chosen program or may be required to sit a challenge examination for which a fee shall be payable.

Undergraduate Programs

Applicants who wish to be considered for undergraduate studies should normally posses, or expect to obtain, the appropriate pre-university qualifications necessary to join an undergraduate program of an American or a British University OR possess an alternative qualification approved by the AUL or sit a Challenge examination for which a fee is payable.

English Language Requirements

All teaching at AUL is in English. Students whose native language is not English must satisfy an English language requirement before admission.:

Graduate Research Programs

Normally there are two categories of our graduate research programs,

a) full-time

b) external or distance learning.

The graduate research programs of study may be started at any time during the year.

Financial Guarantee

Students are required to pay the tuition fee in full, in advance, and sign a statement confirming that they will be able to maintain themselves for the duration of their studies.

Accommodation and Transport

The Accommodation Officer offers help in arranging accommodation in London and students must write to accommodation officer at the time of acceptance of offer of admission. The Accommodation Officer also advises students on travel in Britain.


All students are required to carry their own health and accident insurance, right from the beginning to the end of their course of study with the AUL.

Visa Regulations

All overseas nationals who wish to enter the United Kingdom for the purpose of study must satisfy the Immigration Officer at the port of entry that they meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules relating to students. Some nationalities must obtain prior entry clearance before travelling to the United Kingdom. Others who do not require entry clearance may find it helpful to obtain it anyway, in order to facilitate their passage through UK Immigration Control (except European Community nationals). Students admitted to the United Kingdom may find that they need to stay here longer to finish their courses or take other courses. In such cases they may apply for extension of visa either by post to the Immigration and Nationality Department, or in person at the Public Enquiry Office, before their current leave to remain expires, but no more than one month before that. Applications for further leave to remain is a student's responsibility, as is Police Registration although the University will assist with references, advices etc. in appropriate and genuine cases.

Police Registration

A foreign national aged 16 or over who is granted leave to study, may be required to register with the Police, if leave granted will extend his stay beyond six months. Such a requirement is stamped in the student's passport and he/ she is required to present her/himself to the nearest police station (or the Aliens Registration Office in London) within seven days of the requirement being imposed.

Employment Restrictions in the UK

Students (except those undertaking post-graduate medical studies and European Community nationals) are generally restricted from taking employment, but they may seek the consent of the Department of Employment to take work in their free time or during vacations. Permission is given only if there is no suitable resident labour available. Applications to take part-time or vocation work should be made by the prospective employer to the local employment office or job Centre on their forms OW1. The student will be required to produce, in addition to Passport (and Police Registration if held), a letter from the university/college including:
- Confirmation of student status,
- The length of the course concerned,
- Confirmation that part-time or vocational work can be taken without interfering with studies, and for how long.
If the Immigration Officer imposed a condition prohibiting employment on someone who later establishes satisfactorily that he/she is engaged on a full-time course of studies, the condition may be varied to one permitting him/ her to take approved employment. Except as mentioned in this paragraph, employment is inconsistent with student status.

Veteran Benefits (US FORCES)

Veterans wishing to enroll at AUL should first ask the Veteran's Administration if they qualify for veteran's benefits.