Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment and Progress

In order to provide frequent evaluations of student progress, essays, classroom presentations, periodic tests and examinations are required in all courses. The assessment process at AUL works as follows:
Written Assignments
The university is committed to 'Integrated Assignments' as a means of enhancing the learning process and developing student's communications skills. The writing of assignments reports has several important objectives as follows. The student will :
Classroom presentation
Students are often put in challenging situations to make a presentation to their class group. The objective is to develop presentation skills, confidence, logical thinking and influencing skills. While presenting cases the student is questioned both by fellow students and the class teacher to test the ability and reasoning skills.
A final examination is mandatory at the conclusion of each semester in all courses. In some cases mid-semester examination, workshops and certain seminars are also organized. A final examination schedule is published and posted not later than the eight week of each semester. Final examinations are normally three hours long and all students are required to take them at the published time. Requests for changes to individual examination schedules must be made to the Examination Committee.
Student Evaluation
The assessments process at the AUL is mandatory both for students as well as teachers. At the end of each semester the students are required to provide feedback on various aspects of their course and the degree of success with which it was delivered. The students' evaluation process, in addition to the above mentioned assessment, is further carried out by their individual course tutors who report on every student's performance, in terms of classroom contribution, attendance, assignment submission and general interactive relations. The objective here is to take corrective actions in terms of academic input, where indicated by students, and make the courses responsive to students' learning needs. This process also ensures student's welfare by providing counseling and advice to students where they require encouragement as a result of this assessment.
As a part of objective assessment and maintenance of valid and fair standards, independent academics from other universities, are selected as external examiners to ensure that this objective is achieved and comparability of learning standards with other educational institutions are maintained and further enhanced.