Tuition Fees

Tuition fees (per year) ** 2016-2017

Full-time Study Fees
Registration fee £150
*Tuition fee (per year)
Registration fee £150
a.All Certificate Courses
(English, Business Studies, Computer Science)
b.BA, BBA, BSc, etc £7000
c.MA, MBA, MEd, MS, LLM £7000
d.PhD £7500
e.All Diploma Courses £6000
f.Non-Degree Courses
(Per Semester Credit Hour)
Examination fee per semester £250
Graduation fee £250
Transcript fee £100
Postal charges £100
Library fee £150
External & Distance Education Fees
Registration fee £150
*Tuition fee (per year)
a.MA, MBA, MEd, MS,LLM £6000
b.PhD £6500
Examination fee per semester £250
Graduation fee £250
Transcript fee £100
Postal charges £100
Library fee £100
** Fee will be reviewed yearly
Explanation of Fees

The University wishes to stress that it cannot achieve its aims and objectives without charging fees for the courses that it offers, although it strives to keep these as low as possible. Students wishing to enroll at the University should be mindful of the financial obligations they are likely to incur and are requested to consider very carefully the terms and conditions of any offer of admission. Signed acceptance of the offer of a place at the University will be constructed as recognition of contractual obligation.

  1. 1. Application Fee: The University charges no application fee to students submitting applications for admission.

  2. 2. Registration Fee: The registration fee is paid by all students at the time of registration and is non-refundable.

  3. 3. Tuition Fee Full-time students coming from overseas to study at the AUL must pay their tuition fee in full in advance. The AUL follows the semester system and an undergraduate student takes 5 courses of 3 credits each during each of the two 15 week semesters. For External (non-resident) students at the AUL the tuition fee is charged for the whole year. They may pay their fee in up to two installments.

  4. 4. Examination Fee This fee is payable at the time of acceptance of admission and is refundable.

  5. 5. Transcript Fee This fee is payable by students who require their transcripts to be sent to other universities/colleges/employers etc., and is non-refundable.

  6. 6. Postal Expenses These are charged to students on external degree programs in advance and are non-refundable.

  7. 7. Graduation Fee This fee is payable in advance by all students. The graduation fee is refunded if a student fails to graduate from the University.

  8. 8. Payment In Us Dollars The University accepts payment of tuition fees in US dollars at the prevailing rate of exchange. Students wishing to make their payments in US dollars must obtain the University permission to do so.

  9. 9. Deposit Students who return acceptance form are also required to pay a fee deposit of £3000 before issue any visa letters. In case visa is refused the tuition fee deposit is refunded after deducting £300 administration fee.

Tuition Fee Refund Policy

Withdrawal from the University:

The University takes it for granted that all intending students will have thought long and hard about their reasons for applying for admission. Nevertheless, it is understood that there are many reasons for wishing to withdraw even after courses have commenced. The University's policy on withdrawal is as follows:-

1. No refund is permitted in cases of withdrawal from certificate courses once classes have commenced.

2. No refund is permitted in cases of withdrawal from undergraduate and graduate courses once tuition has commenced in the semester in which a student was offered admission.

3. After acceptance of the offer of admission, and prior to the commencement of courses, refunds shall be payable, subject to the following deductions:-

  • a) 1- 3 days: £ 400 deduction

  • b) 4-30 days: £ 900 deduction

  • c) 31-60 days: £1200 deduction

  • d) 61-90 days: £2000 deduction

  • e) 91 days and over: no refund.

4. No refund is permitted if a student enters the UK on a student visa obtained as a result of a request from AUL to the British Embassy/High Commission board or an extension of a Student Visa obtained through AUL.

Important Notice: ALL students registering on any program of study at AUL are required to sign and return a Notice of Acceptance of the terms and conditions of any offer of a place made. In the unlikely and certainly exceptional circumstances that the signed form is unforthcoming or otherwise misplaced, misfiled, destroyed in error, etc. ANY PAYMENT MAD on account of fees shall be construed as such an acceptance.

5. All dates shall be calculable from the date of acceptance of an offer of a place on the course in question.

6. Students on courses of more than one year's duration are required to pay fees annually either in advance or in agreed installments. Students paying by installments who withdraw from courses of study, subject to the specific exemptions hereinbefore set out, may be liable to the University in respect of the entire annual fees for the course in question. At the commencement of each academic year of a student's course, the student will be required to re-enter a contract with the University, to which the previous regulations will apply.

7. All students wishing to withdraw after the commencement of their academic Program must obtain and complete a form of "Notice of Intention to Withdraw" from the Office of the Registrar and complete the form in all particulars.

Non-Payment of Fee

1. A full-time student who fails to pay his/her or her tuition fees may be expelled after written notice has been served. The University will send a full report to the Home Office in the case of overseas students. In all cases, legal proceedings for recovery of money sowed may be commenced. 2. An external (non-resident) student who fails to pay his or her tuition fee may have his or her studies terminated by AUL.

Notice of Withdrawal

A student wishing to withdraw from the University must do so by notifying the Registrar in writing. The date of withdrawal is defined as the day on which the University receives the written request of withdrawal. If the University asks a student to withdraw from a particular program of study, the date of withdrawal shall be determined as the date of such notice.