American University for Leaders

Dear Graduate,

alumni are found in numerous countries around the world, particularly in South East Asia, USA, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East, We are very proud of our alumni and the bond we have developed with them.

Members of AUL alumni have become the University’s best ambassadors as they share their experiences with family, friends and professional associates. Because they come from a wide variety of cultural and academic backgrounds, our alumni form a very dynamic and talented group. Some graduates are recognised as authors, others are accomplished in the arts and sciences and many are known throughout business, healthcare, psychology, religion, higher education, teaching, engineering, and technology. All share a common goal for the pursuit of excellence in their professional lives and a dedication to the betterment of the human condition.

AUL maintains accurate records of all graduates and endeavour to share in their achievements through a life long relationship. Employment changes, promotions, speaking engagements, entrepreneurial adventures and family developments are important to us . AUL is committed to keeping its graduates as an integral part of our university community.

Upon graduation, you will be invited to join our Alumni Association. This will entitle you to:

1 - Join our Alumni Network Directory

This directory will be updated annually and be available to all those who participate in it. You will have access to the profiles of a wide variety of our enterprising graduates.

2 - Take advantage of our Testimonial Service

Upon your graduation, if requested, the Alumni Office will provide you with a letter of recommendation, which could be used in your Curriculum Vitae. Please contact us for details of this service.

If you would like to contribute to this directory, may I ask you please to submit a brief resume and to answer the following questions with regard to your AUL experience:

a) Has the award of a degree from AUL assisted you in your career choices?

b) Do you consider that the US system of education compares favourably with other systems of which you have knowledge?

c) Have you enjoyed your studies with AUL?

d) What are your present employment and future prospects?

Even if you do not wish to participate in the directory, we would still like to hear from you with your comments as we are most anxious to retain contact with all formal students.

Yours faithfully,

Director of Student Affairs